On Off Switch Nursery Night Lights

Advantages of on/off switch nursery night lights:

Back View

Glass Bulb
Night Light

Led cool touch switch nursery night light

Cool Touch LED
Night Light

  •  Available as traditional bulb or cool-touch LED
  • Easily switch on when needed
  • Easily switch off when needed
  • Energy-saving: only pay for the light you actually use
  • Many cute night light designs to choose from


The transition from dark to light or light to dark is as simple and quick  as the flick of a switch when you use an on/off nursery night light in your baby’s room.

While the nursery night lights in my shop come with traditional glass bulb on/off switch night light bases, you can easily upgrade to a popular cool-touch LED night light base and still enjoy the advantage of an on/off switch.

The switch puts you in complete control. You turn on the light if you want or need it. For example, while getting baby ready for bed, or for inevitable middle of the night changes, feedings, and comfort sessions. In these situations, the soft, soothing night light is always a better choice than flooding the nursery with jarring lamp light.

But the instant you no longer want or need it, you can eliminate the light with a simple flick of the switch. You don’t waste money paying for energy to light baby’s nursery when light isn’t desired or necessary.

For various reasons, many parents prefer their babies to sleep in complete darkness from birth. In this situation, an on/off switch nursery night light is the way to go. Unlike an auto sensor night light, the switch night light will not light up in darkness unless you turn it on.

Whether on or off, a nursery night light with a cute shade adds an adorable finishing touch to baby’s nursery decor; but best of all, the option for gentle light is always there if you ever need some soft illumination.