No Night Light In Baby’s Room?

No night light in baby’s room? Many parents are wondering this. After all, articles and studies suggest babies sleep better in complete darkness. So does this mean we must forgo the utterly adorable nursery night lights and say no to this cute decor accessory?Teddy Bear Toile Nursery Night Light yellow

I completely relate to parents who choose to forego all light (in their control) while baby is sleeping. I’ve been known to tape the edge of the blackening curtains to the wall in my baby’s nursery so light doesn’t creep through the edge of the window in the morning and wake my baby too early. Also, studies show that people get the most restful sleep in complete darkness.

This desire for complete darkness when baby is sleeping doesn’t, however, mean we need to say goodbye to having a night light in baby’s nursery. Really! You can have the night light and still keep baby’s room pitch black. The answer is simple: Only turn the night light on when you want to!

Believe me, as a mom of three kids, there will be those times you will want to–even need to!

A night light with an on/off switch is the way to go. It’s always there when we need it, whether that happens to be frequent or not. Remember, unlike an auto sensor nursery night light, a nursery night light with a switch can easily be turned on or off as desired.

While an on/off switch nursery night light can be turned off at bedtime, it’s ideal for when getting baby ready for bed. The gentle, dimly lit atmosphere is a nice transition from the usual bright lamp light and, if used as part of a routine (as I do with my baby), it signals that sleepy-time is coming very soon.

Additionally, when you must change or feed baby in the middle of the night (as many of us regrettably must), you do need to see, so the soft, minimal light of a night light is a perfect solution.

And with so many cute nursery night lights to choose from, you won’t have to feel like you’re missing out on enjoying the adorable little details that complete your baby’s nursery. Even when it’s switched off, these nursery night lights are an irresistible addition to the nursery decor.

So don’t say no to the adorable nursery night light in baby’s room–simply say no to the light–if and when you choose. Its’ all in your control!